The Top 10 Benefits of B2B Content Syndication

To leverage the power of content marketing, your content must reach the right target audience. You can create the most brilliant infographics, white papers, blog posts and more, but if people don’t see them, you won’t achieve the results you want. 

Enter paid content syndication — the art and science of republishing your content on multiple platforms. Think of content syndication as an amplification service. By republishing your content on multiple websites, you get it in front of a whole new universe of prospects, who can turn into leads and customers. 

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Paid content syndication could be one of the most powerful services you employ to boost your content marketing strategy. Nearly 30% of B2B companies find content syndication to be one of their most successful lead generation tactics, according to Demand Gen Report

As with most B2B marketing strategies, the primary focus of content syndication services is to generate new leads and build client lists. There are many benefits you can gain from using a B2B content syndication platform or service to manage the process for you.

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Get 2-3x more downloads with content syndication

B2B content syndication platforms take digital content that already exists on your website and publishes it across multiple other websites to help you attract more attention to your brand.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 essential benefits.

1—Get Over the Organic Search Hump

If you don’t do anything but publish your content on your website, you are beholden to organic search engine optimization — and this can be a tough road. One study found that 90.63% of content gets no traffic on Google. This is a serious shortcoming for most marketers. 

Paid content syndication services help overcome this limitation by bringing your content directly to high-value prospects who may never have found it organically. As a result, syndicated content increases your total view volume and product coverage over native content alone.

2—Find More Targeted Leads

Content syndication succeeds when it puts your best content in front of a deeper and wider network of prospects than you could reach through your own channels. As a result, paid content syndication is a vital tool for B2B marketing professionals because publishing sites significantly expand your audience by sharing their audiences with you. 

The high-value content that you’ve spent time and money creating has the opportunity to gain a larger impact in the marketplace. You stand to reach a vast number of new prospects who are potentially interested in your products and services.

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3—Drive More Website Traffic

One of the leading goals of paid content syndication is to help a larger audience by way of third-party websites and to direct the traffic back to your website. Expanding your traffic yields several vital results, including improving your SEO ranking, expanding market awareness of your organization, and giving you the opportunity to add more leads to the top of your sales funnel.

4—Generate More Content Downloads

Exposing new leads to your content is one thing. Getting them to download it is another. But more eyeballs can equal more downloads when content syndication is handled by professionals who know how to maximize the process. Done right, content syndication has proven to yield two to three times more downloads for content. 

5—Gain a Systematic Outreach Approach

Unless they have deep knowledge about content syndication marketing, B2B companies often find that their marketing teams struggle to consistently generate new leads. Experienced B2B content syndication service firms provide a repeatable approach to paid content syndication, ensuring that every piece of your content reaches the maximum audience and that you gain a steady stream of new incoming leads to fill your sales pipeline.

6—Energize Your Sales Team

Professional content syndication services can help B2B companies not only reach more prospects, but also generate more high-quality leads. Why? First, by targeting the right platforms and the right audience. 

What’s more, any person who downloads your content has self-selected it. This means they have some interest in the topic you’ve written about. When they share their data in the form fills, including name, email address, and more, this data can help you meet your marketing qualified lead (MQL) targets, so you can fill the top of your sales funnel. This will help keep your sales team busy and happy.

7—Engage a Cost-Effective Tactic

One of the benefits of paid content syndication services is that the cost per lead is predictable compared to other digital marketing channels. As a result, content syndication is a cost-effective way to generate high volumes of relevant leads, traffic, and sales — especially when you work with an experienced content syndication services agency

While you could do it yourself, your team will end up spending more time promoting content than creating quality content. A paid content syndication service does all the footwork for you, so you can just enjoy the benefits and gain the maximum value for your investment.

8—Build Thought Leadership

Being seen as a thought leader in your industry generates amazing results, including everything from brand reinforcement, to a competitive advantage, to higher sales. Paid content syndication is a fast and effective way to establish your thought leadership and amplify your voice in the marketplace, so you can stand apart from your competitors. 

9—Boost the SEO of Your Landing Pages

The landing pages that promote your paid content syndication can boost your SEO when you share them on platforms that search engines value. The surge of new visitors will translate to an increase in digital authority, which is further bolstered by an increase in high-quality backlinks and referrals. The result? You’ll gain the potential to rank higher on search engines.

10—Inspire New Opportunities

Along with the other leading benefits of boosting lead generation and sales, paid content syndication also delivers several additional new opportunities, including:

  • Re-engage with old leads with whom you’ve lost contact
  • Establish brand awareness with a new audience who may need your products or services in the future
  • Avoid wasting the sales team’s valuable time chasing weak leads 

If you’re already creating high-quality content, like articles, white papers, and videos, it’s time to distribute them to a wider audience beyond your website. ViB is a proven paid content syndication expert. We can amplify your content to our community of over one million engaged technology professionals who are verified as in-the-market for new solutions. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can launch your B2B content syndication program — so you can gain the maximum exposure for your high-value content.