Top considerations for VMware GPU virtualization

Virtualizing a GPU is no longer exclusive to just VDI systems; more and more applications are using advanced vGPUs for desktop, server and high-performance computing. As a result, it’s critical for virtual administrators to realize virtualizing a GPU is not the same as virtualizing CPU or RAM. Admins require a different approach when designing, licensing and deploying them, especially for VMware GPU virtualization.

When it comes to VDI systems, admins will find many discussions on the required I/O, CPU and memory resources, which makes sense as these are often critical in setting up a VDI system. However, one of the things admins don’t always consider is the GPUs themselves. Admins should have a vGPU on hand to successfully create a VDI system, and while the two main vendors for vGPUs are Nvidia and AMD, it’s the Nvidia product line that has a longer history with the VMware product families.

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