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Top Trends Shaping the Cloud Computing Space | Infiniti Research

Submitted by on May 8, 2018 – 11:38 amNo Comment

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Infiniti Research, a world-renowned market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest list blog on the top trends shaping the cloud computing market.

Organizations of all sizes are using the cloud computing platform to fuel the upcoming digital transformation and modernize the IT portfolio.

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Organizations are no longer looking at cloud computing solely as a tool; now the emphasis has shifted towards finding the right way to use it so they can achieve their business goals. Cloud computing has become so popular in such a short period that not only big corporate organizations but also small and medium-sized organizations are using it. Organizations of all dimensions are using the cloud computing platform to drive the future digital transformation and update the IT portfolio.

Instead of hosting on-premise services, organizations look for vendors who deliver cloud computing solutions to save costs,” says an industry expert from Infiniti.

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Top trends in shaping the cloud computing space:

  • Growth in cloud services: Software as a Service (SaaS) came as a gift for consumers and businesses, as it provided them with financial and operational elasticity. The growth of services such as Paas, IaaS, and SaaS has extended the number of cloud solutions existing in the public and private sector. Industry experts forecast that the market for SaaS is expected to grow at an inspiring rate of 18% annually by the year 2020. The likes of Salesforce, Citrix GoToMeeting, and Google Apps are most likely to be the foremost players in the cloud market.
  • Hybrid cloud solutions: Several businesses are not very fond of the idea that their data and systems are present somewhere in the cloud. At least not all the data with a single cloud provider. As a result, several cloud providers are opening up APIs on platforms for offering connectivity to several solutions. Opening up APIs allows providers synchronization inside cross-functional processes, data management, and systems and various tools. The hybrid solutions also comprise cloud to on-premise connectivity, where enterprises keep their on-premise solution but also attach to the cloud with heavy customization that fits their business needs. It is typically done for security reasons or when complete migration to the cloud becomes costly and time-consuming.
  • Increased cloud storage capacity: Data storage should also grow exponentially in a similar manner as more and more businesses jump into the cloud computing bandwagon. Service providers are trying to upsurge their capacity with larger-capacity storage equipment and more data centers. It is projected that the total storage capacity in the cloud computing space is anticipated to grow over a zetabyte of data by the end of 2018. Such an exponential growth in storage would also push the growth of big data analytics. Storing such massive amounts of data and deriving insights out of them could garner precise customer behavior, strategic financial investment, and human systems.
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Infiniti Research is a global market intelligence company offering strategic insights to help look beyond market disruptions, study competitive activity, and develop intelligent business strategies. Listed below are the top trends in shaping the cloud computing space.

View the complete list of the top trends in shaping the cloud computing space:

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Established in 2003, Infiniti Research is a leading market intelligence company providing smart solutions to address your business challenges. Infiniti Research studies markets in more than 100 countries to help analyze competitive activity, see beyond market disruptions, and develop intelligent business strategies.

With 15+ years of experience and offices across three continents, Infiniti Research has been instrumental in providing a complete range of competitive intelligence, strategy, and research services for over 550 companies across the globe.


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