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“Un-hooked” from technology and a mother’s love for a lost son

Submitted by on November 30, 2009 – 11:42 amNo Comment

A few days after 9-11, I helped start a charity called The National Alliance of Dedicated Patriots or more commonly known now as Dedicated Patriots. I digress for a bit here; wandering a way from musings about technology to be a tiny bit more reflective as we often do at this time of year.

What don’t we Dedicated Patriots do? We don’t “Do Politics”

What do we do? We try to give back a little to our veterans with simple acts that seem to make a difference to both the veteran and certainly to us.

Those of us who have spent some time in a VA hospital or at a ballgame with family members of active duty members are touched by the gratitude shown for simply spending some time with them, talking and listening.

Priorities and perspectives are momentarily focused on the real as they often are during crisis or the sickness or loss of a loved one.

Temporarily untethered from technology means increasing the odds of being present in the moment. What I “blog” about today is quite a departure from my normal pontificating and prophesizing about technology.

An e-mail from a mother who lost a son this spring, killed while on active duty, motivated me to pause for a moment, be still and think.

Removed from my Netbook, FaceBook, SMS, BlackBerry, Kindle, Roku and other gadgets meant to connect us, can in fact connect me with others in a more genuine and real manner when “unhooked”. These gadgets certainly enable businesses to operate more efficiently and bond us in some electronic fashion, however it is a mirage to believe that we are “better” connected with our fellow man.

I will share with you part of the e-mail that I received.

“As most of you know my son was killed on May 9th of this year. (name) was active duty in the U S Navy. Because he was active when he was killed I became a GOLD STAR Mother.

I attended the Veteran’s Day Ceremony yesterday at the NH Veteran’s Cemetery in Boscawen where my son is buried. It was a very moving ceremony. It made me think of how grateful I was to live in such a wonderful country with all the freedoms that we have. But all the freedoms we have are because of people who served with honor and pride to protect our great country.

As I walked through the cemetery, I remembered a picture I had seen of Christmas Wreaths that were placed on the individual graves in 2007 at the NH Veteran’s Cemetery it was so beautiful with fresh fallen snow. It simply took my breath away.

I am on a mission to place at least 650 Christmas Wreaths but I am praying for much more to be able to cover every individual grave at the NH Veteran’s Cemetery for all those families who would like to have a wreath on their loved ones grave but can not afford to do so. Every grave should have a wreath. It is a way to honor the memory of those who are buried at the NH Veteran’s Cemetery in Boscawen.


It is a way for me to honor my son. “