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Use shielded VMs, guarded fabric to enable Hyper-V encryption

Submitted by on November 28, 2018 – 10:42 pmNo Comment

With the proper operation of guarded fabric, the Host Guardian Service and shielded VMs, you can use encryption to enhance Hyper-V security and limit the effects of an attack. As virtualization technology advances, the need to protect and authenticate the validity of VMs increases. Microsoft introduced a new security model in Windows Server 2016 to help protect hosts and guest VMs against malicious activity. This model is called a guarded fabric, and it uses a Host Guardian Service (HGS) to manage and operate shielded VMs.

The general idea behind a guarded fabric is that VMs are little more than data files, such as virtual hard disk files. Anything that can expose or corrupt the file poses a security risk. A guarded fabric can continue to operate conventional, unprotected VMs that don’t require additional security. Guarded fabric can also operate an encrypted VM, which can help guard the VM file at rest and in flight, as well as shielded VMs that rely on attestation to validate the underlying platform.

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