Enterprise software company generates 10x more ROI with appointment setting

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After quickly rising through the ranks at enterprise software company Turbonomic, Chris Graham was promoted to VP of Demand Generation and Digital Marketing in early 2020.

The company had recently acquired SevOne, which instantly expanded the sales team — and the pressure to get more leads to continue scaling the organization

While their internal SDR team was successful, Chris said it was difficult to establish and maintain consistency — especially because the best-performing reps were quickly promoted to account executive roles.

Challenges faced by Turbonomic

  • Difficulty driving consistent results with an internal SDR team
  • High SDR team turnover rate
  • Increased pressure to scale sales operations together with the company’s growth


Fortunately, Turbonomic was already leveraging ViB’s B2B email marketing service, SmartSend.

And with two sales teams hungry for leads, expanding the partnership to include appointment setting was an easy decision.

Chris and his team worked with ViB to frame up specific targeting
criteria and qualification logic, and, in his words, it became a machine.

ViB brings credibility and elicits responses in a predictable manner.


Since launching appointment setting with ViB, Chris says Turbonomic has seen a 10x ROI for each closed opportunity.

The partnership has also helped overcome the challenges associated with SDR turnover, improved the predictability and control of their message, and enhanced the demand generation team’s credibility with sales.

It's an amazing thing to be able to go to a seller and say, ‘Hey, I've got somebody for you to meet with,’ as opposed to doing what marketing often gets criticized for, which is saying, ‘Hey, I've got a whitepaper download for you, so go chase them down.'

ViB has helped bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

Currently, Turbonomic is reporting a roughly 20% lead-to-opportunity rate from ViB leadsBut, in addition to these impressive results, Chris says the relationship is where his team has seen the most value. 

I most appreciate that ViB stands by their product and that we only pay for the meetings that take place. It feels like we’re working with an extension of our own team.

Highlights from the email marketing and appointment setting programs with ViB: 

  • 110% increase in webinar registrations through email promotions
  • $935,000 pipeline generated from sales appointments with a 20% lead to opportunity conversion rate
  • 10x ROI for each closed opportunity

Turbonomic continues to rapidly grow, and according to Chris:

ViB remains a significant component of our SDR augmentation. When you find something that works and a team you trust and can rely on, it makes a huge difference.

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