What Does VMware Changing Its Licensing Model Mean For Enterprise IT?

VMware recently announced a change to its software licensing model that caps the number of cores supported in the CPU, effective April 2, 2020. Why did VMware do this? What is the real impact to IT? And what does this mean for the VMware ecosystem and competitive landscape? The next few paragraphs will try to tackle these questions.

Fast forward to a market where core-based licensing is normal, if not the norm, and the company looks to be moving to more of a “hybrid” model. In this new license model, VMware will still license per CPU, however, the number of cores supported per CPU will be capped at 32. Anything over 32 cores will require a second CPU license. If a second CPU is used, a separate per CPU license is required, with the same conditions (over 32 cores requiring a second license).

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